Should I Go with 2d or 3d Animation for my Project?

Since its inception into modern culture, animation has had its share of fans and critics throughout the years. While different styles are used today, 2d animation has quite the head start on its newer counterparts. Since the late 1800s, 2d animation is the most preferred method by traditional animators and project owners. Rising in popularity since the late 1990’s, 3d animation has become a favorite style for designers and gamers as it offers a more realistic experience and has the advantage of empowering players to engage in their games. Both have their advantages and disadvantages in the animated world.

2d Animation

Not only is this the world’s oldest form of animation, but many gamers and viewers enjoy the cartoonish aspects of 2d. As this doesn’t try to imitate real life, they can focus on the storyline and the excitement of the action.

  1. Cost of production is low – Out of both styles, 2d animation is more cost-effective, especially for those on a limited budget.
  2. Product time speed – 2d animation is faster to produce, giving it a quicker lead time on its production.
  3. Less is more – The amount of software and overall technology is less making it easier to produce compared to 3d animation.
  4. Gameplay – Since more of the focus is on gameplay, design usually falls behind.
  5. Economics – Sometimes, it takes less money to created 3d animation due to technology’s advancement. Also, many studios have given it up as cell-based animation templates can never be reused.
  6. Demand – Many viewers and gamers prefer to watch 3d animated movies.

3d Animation

A sense of realism gives many players that extra plus factor that they’ll enjoy. It gives them a feeling that the design behaves and looks realistic. For many, the action is also practically giving them a sense that they are playing in a film and not a video game.

  1. Motion – When it comes to how movement is portrayed, 3d animation wins hands down.
  2. Appeal – It is more realistic, and the quality is higher compared to 2d.
  3. Value – 3d models can be reused for other projects, which helps lower production costs. When comparing the effort to time and resources, a 3d plan may not be as cost-effective in the long run.
  4. Supply and demand – Most viewers and gamers prefer 3d.
  5. Limited – 3d is limited on what it can do, unlike 2d.
  6. Simplicity – It’s easier to make a movie in 2d as its simpler.

Both 2d animation and 3d animation are excellent mediums for any animated project. Choosing which one should be based on the project’s requirements including cost and lead-time. Zozrus Studio specializes in both 2d and 3d animation and provides production services for many projects needs. Their team includes highly creative designers, animators, artists that will deliver you the best in the industry and work hard to offer you these services at an affordable rate. Don’t let your project sit on the shelf and contact Zozrus Studio to get it started.

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