Video Production

We create dynamic motion pictures and Motion Grpahics
for some of the world’s most admired brands. Our network of scrip and screenwriters,
directors, cinematographers and post-production specialists handles projects of nearly every scale and genre.

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Post-Production Service

Zozrus network of post-production professionals including creative directors, editors, animators, Motion Graphic artists, compositors, VFX supervisors, music composers, and audio engineers delivers a full complement of post-production services.

Video ProductionVideo Production


Digital matte paintings, set extensions and CGI enhance the reality unbeknownst to the viewer. Other visual effects such as rotoscoping, green screen keying, Water simulation, Fire/Smoke and 3D animation can expose the viewer to a new world, side by side live action with fantasy. Our creative VFX artists from around the world are ready to make the impossible possible for you

Social Media Videos

At Zozrus, we produce engaging Social Media Videos for Instagram, facebook and youtube. For Example, uploading native content on Facebook, brands are seeing up to 53% more shares from videos. Even better numbers have been seen with Instagram video, where videos reportedly create double the engagement of images. We know how your content is going to be used, forwarded, shared, retweeted, rated, and reviewed, so we bake this inevitability into our production process. Zozrus Studio will ensure that your video gains the most possible traction on today’s leading digital platforms:
Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn

Commercial Videos

Our professionals specialized in commercials, weather for broadcasting or the web, come from a diverse set of backgrounds including creative advertising, film production, music videos, reality TV, and visual effects. We collaborate with you to convert your vision to reality and make sure your message connects with your target audience on the most visceral level. We treat each project as an opportunity to ensure that a company or product stands apart from the competition by creating a message that is both entertaining and persuasive.

Motion Graphics

High-quality motion graphics can bring a video to a whole new level, while also enhancing its underlying message and theme. Our motion graphics professionals are focused on engaging your audiences more deeply in the central narrative of your video. Here, the story dictates the graphics, not the other way around. Our team of art directors, motion designers, animators and motion graphic artists produce amazing 2D and 3D graphics sequences for :


Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing is becoming the most powerful content marketing format. According to HubSpot, 87% of businesses are using now video for marketing. As stated by Forbes, Video Marketing is the future of contect marketing. To stay at the top of your digital marketing game you really should gain a solid understanding of how to utilize video and implement a solid video marketing strategy. Video marketing is great for things like: 1- Increasing social engagement 2- Building authority and thought leadership 3- Improving SEO 4- Converting and increasing sales For any business, it is good to use a video throughout the funnel for awareness and value creation at the top of the funnel. Using product videos on your website will help acquire new leads. Testimonial videos that often can be shared by the sales team to provide social proof and help convert. Video marketing tools are becoming increasingly abundant accessible and powerful therefore we at Zozrus, recommend you check out our numerous videos on our YouTube channel and also book a free consultation to get some nice video marketing guides


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