About Us

Bitcoin took decentralized networks to a new level, by freeing individuals from fees and allowing them to quickly move their funds safely across the globe.

At Zozrus, we’re translating this concept into the world of digital media. Our innovative approach means we can employ skilled talent from around the globe to provide customers with multimedia solutions of any kind. Their expertise span across a range of multimedia disciplines meaning we can offer our customers the right skill set for any requirement.

At Zozrus, the place or task is irrelevant, it’s our pool of talent that makes us a strong player in the digital media landscape. Gone are the days of in-house creative production constraints. No fancy offices mean no high overheads, giving us the ability to offer premium multimedia services at a great price.

Our Team

Derrick Koyt

Co-Owner | Creative Director | CEO

From a qualified architect designing interiors, to an enthusiast with a passion for video game levels and later AR/VR experiences, Derrick has a long history in this space. Derrick’s 10 years’ experience includes V-ray high-quality renders, 3D environment creation, architectural design and live walkthroughs, plus residential from interior to landscape. In-between his love for entrepreneurship and helping people with their start-ups, he’s exercising his affinity for cinematography by writing movie reviews

Latifa Oubennacer

Co-Owner | 3d Generalist | Project Manager

Whit over 11+ years of experience in the industry, Latifa started her career as a modeler as a freelancer where she also started to learn basics of animation and setup. She continued to develop skills taking part in numerous animated projects for films and media. She also worked as a game designer with Unity and Unreal engine. Her overall goal is to use her skills as a part of a successful company and participate in significant interesting projects.

Lukrecia Xhebra


Out of the University of Arts, Lukrecia is a talented Illustrator specializing in character illustrations, anime, graphic design and storyboarding. With her creative thinking she helps the team to convert character concepts to character sheets and translate scripts into storyboards. As a hard working member of the team, she is a rising talent on the way to conquere leading positions as a lead animator and concept designer. A team member Zozrus Studio is honored to have.

Denis Kuzmenko

Director | Editor | Sound Designer

Since the age of 6, Denis has been passionate about music, playing several instruments. His love for music led him to write songs and compose original music, using the initial computer music software that was on the market. In 2009, his passion led him to video editing and videography. His deep understanding of music and rhythm gives him a unique style of editing. With 10 years in the industry, he’s developed his directing skills, as well as his video pre and post production skills.

Ali Mahzoon

Program Manager EU branch

With more than 8 years experience in the industry working in the fields of video production, motion graphic artist and photographer, Albin broght his talent to Zozrus Studio. His leadership and communication skills gave him the ability to climb the ladder of success quick and become the program manager leading number of groups and projects and working with clients from around the world.