3D animation

Raising single dimensional A-Z concepts to the power of 3D.
From a set of requirements or work in progress, we will give your vision to our industry veterans to be fully voiced and animated.
Covers the whole production pipeline: scripting, concept design, storyboarding, character and environment design, texturing, lighting, animation, and the final render.

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Our 3D Animation experts will perfect your 3D production and ensure that it’s delivered exactly to specification. They work hard to not only meet expectations, but exceed them using their advanced animation skills and expertise. Every output is overseen by a Quality Controller to ensure exceptional quality is delivered every time.

At Zozrus Studio, we understand how 3D Animation can better tell your story beyond what's possible with traditional photography and filmmaking. 3D Animation has endless possibilities that we love to explore with each and every customer.
Our complete 3D Animation Services allow us to provide an animation video solution specific to you in the most creative way possible, leading to 3D animations that are both engaging and achieve results.

We’ve got a selection of skilled 3D Animators with a diverse range of talents. From concept creation to final output and everything in-between, our team of 3D Animators can take on any project at any stage. We’ll use our years of experience in the industry to guide your artistic vision, ensuring it’s conceptualised in the most creative way. Our 3D Animators are skilled craftsmen who have the expertise and knowledge to give objects realistic weight and timing, perfecting the movements of their models so they fit seamlessly into the world around them. Every character is firstly 3D rigged in order to create a skeleton so it can move, and is then expertly animated.

Our team of 3D Animators have an in-depth knowledge of the key concepts of 3D Animation, including:
• The motion of humans, bipedal creatures, quadruped creatures and animals
• Facial movement and portraying different moods
• Mechanical design
• Mechanical operations
• Weight and physics

No matter the type of 3D animation you need, our team has the versatility and artistic knowledge to complete a wide range of 3D animations. They’ll ensure that your characters portray true emotions through facial animation and accurately emulate weight and physics, so they speak directly to your audience.
Whatever your needs and budget, we have a 3D Animator who can bring your vision to life and deliver exactly as requested.

Motion Capture Experts

That’s no problem. Our motion capture specialists have a deep understanding of how advanced motion capture technology works. They’ll tweak the keyframes from the motion capture data in order to perfect the facial and body movements of each character, to enhance the personality of each 3D modelled character.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

Every project is allocated a Technical Director and Project Manager whose key objective is to ensure you’re happy, while keeping your project on time and on budget. They’ll see your project from inception to completion, managing the creative team from scripting and design, all the way through to the final product.

We’ll work hard to ensure every word of the script is exactly how you want it during pre-production, and won’t deliver a video until every aspect is exactly as specified; we’ll review the content at each stage of production.




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