31st May 2020

Mortal Kombat Aftermath Review

I usually do not pay attention to trends on Twitter, but one was strange enough to grab my attention: “Robocop.” It blew me away when I […]
14th October 2019

What is Game Animation and Why is it Different

For many, animation in movies and games are pretty much the same. While the tools, and principles used in both mediums are the same, the needs […]
4th October 2019

Tips for Indie Filmmakers in Using VFX

Simplifying your post-production process allows you to focus on other important things related to your film. Many indie filmmakers rely heavily on a minimal crew for […]
23rd September 2019

Should I Go with 2d or 3d Animation for my Project?

Since its inception into modern culture, animation has had its share of fans and critics throughout the years. While different styles are used today, 2d animation […]
13th September 2019

The Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development Tasks

Developing your own game can be crucial to your company’s success and growth. Many times, developing the game itself takes too many resources for a small […]
13th September 2019

How to choose the Right Animation Studio

So, you have your project scripted out, and ideas are flooding your brain. Now what? Well, looking for the perfect animation studio can be a complicated […]
2nd September 2019

How 2d Animation Can Help Youtubers Tell Their Stories

You got your Youtube channel, and you have so much to say and share to the world. The only problem is, you see yourself in a […]
31st August 2019

Different Types and Benefits of 3D Virtualization

3D virtualization is creating and virtualizing objects in a three-dimensional space. This technology has come a long way and unlike its counterpart in the 2D world, […]
31st August 2019

7 DIY Production Tips for Indie Filmmaker

The production of a movie has its challenges. Anyone involved in the industry can tell you that a production crew’s job is to solve these problems […]