How 2d Animation Can Help Youtubers Tell Their Stories

You got your Youtube channel, and you have so much to say and share to the world. The only problem is, you see yourself in a one option situation. You only have your words which can be boring sometimes if you are not a pro storyteller or even if you are a pro storyteller, you can just hope for the best that people can imagine the story you are telling the best way but you are losing 45% content quality for sure. Actually, you do have another option to help you get the best out of your story. 2D Animation. Check out the top 10 YouTube Animated Channels here and see their success. 2d animation can come in different styles, two of the most popular styles are simple vector style and 2d Manga style animation. Depending on your story, you can pick a style and start creating your own world.

The most engaging instrument on the Internet is animated videos. This is a fantastic way to get your message across as 65% of your viewers are visual learners. As vision is our most dominant sense, 90% of all information sent to the brain is visual. It makes sense for any Youtuber or Comedian to make that shift towards content that holds a more visual style. On top of that, pictures are remembered more than words. 2d animation is the perfect way to get your message across.

Why 2d Animation?

Well, this is easy. Most consumers prefer not to read as video content holds their attention. Out of all the videos, whether CGI, talking heads, animation, or actors, animation has the most staying power. You no longer need to be a lost face in the crowd talking to the camera.

Captures a Viewer’s Attention

These days, the average attention span for an internet user is short. Animation can simplify a complex topic or invoke emotion with your viewers. It brings these concepts to life that a typical Youtuber is unable to do. It is also less used in marketing and doesn’t hold the same amount of ads other methods use.

Animation is Nostalgic

Many viewers have grown up with cartoons as a child. This makes many nostalgic, which is a potent emotion that’ll help you gain viewers and get your message across. This also has the power to screen out the wrong emotions.

Animation is Exciting

In today’s world, people want entertainment. Whether it’s business or education, the more entertaining your video, the more chances others will share it.

Vector Style or Manga Style Animation

When vectors rather than the standard pixels control animation’s art or motion, you have vector animation. This allows a smoother animation as images are resized and displayed using mathematical values. Manga style animation work within every genre and are in a wide array of TV series, movies, and commercials. It is popularly known by Anime or Japanese Animation or by Manga.

As a Youtuber, you can tell your stories in a more captivating way by having your avatars done in 2d simple vector style or 2d Manga Style. Zozrus Studio can take you from conception to post-production that is affordable and leaves you free to get your message across. Zozrus Studio can help every step of the way with their teams of artists and animators. No matter your style of 2d animation, Zozrus Studio can make it happen.

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